*Update: The campaign has ended and voting is now CLOSED

Art is a language. During the summer journey we will be communicating what we see and experience to you through our artwork.  YOU decide whose voice to add.

As noted in the crowdfunding campaign, we will bring an additional artist with us on our summer journey for every $7,000 raised by the end of the campaign on February 5th at no cost to them*.  The artists who joins us will be decided by you.  Take a look through the portfolios below and vote for your favorite artist. 

If you are an artist and would like to join us on an journey of a lifetime, submit an application through our crowdfunding campaign before February 18th.


Who do you want to send on the summer journey?

Artist Portfolios:

1.  Jex Nguyen - Mixed Media

2.  Alvin Rubio - Writing & Sketching

3.  Kathryn Henzler - Music & Watercolor

4.  Katie Zinner (PickedPockets) - Comic Artist

5. Jim Brittain - Graphic Designer

6. Noah Franc - Writer

7. Isabel Javier - Illustrator & Concept Artist

8. Natasha Dominguez - Photographer

9. Odera Igbokwe - Illustrator

10. THIRTEEN - Mixed Media

* "No cost" is contingent upon the total cost of the summer trip including airfare and accommodations to be less than $7,000.  All costs incurred over $7,000 will be the responsibility of the artist.