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Chapter 1: Beginnings

Tomás’ story began in 2005 when, like millions of other kids, he was hooked on the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.  

The groundbreaking series followed the story of a special character, The Avatar, who traveled to the Four Nations of his world in search of masters of the Four Elements.  He found a master of Water in the Inuit-inspired Water Nation, a master of Earth in the Imperial Chinese-inspired Earth Nation, and so on.

Like millions of other kids, Tomás wanted to become an avatar.

Unlike all the others, he did

CHapter 2: the journey

“Tomás and Gabriela from the White Lotus [Scrolls] are currently on their journey around the world, spreading the Avatar love and learning along the way.”

- Bryan Konietzko, Avatar Series Co-Creator

Tomás got in front of co-creators Mike and Bryan, pitched his vision and crowdfunded support from the global fanbase.

In 2015, he traveled around the world to four nations in search of masters of the Four Elements in the first real-world avatar quest

He and his younger sister, like Sokka and Katara, sailed through the Caribbean with a Tai Chi master [Water], wandered into a Yoga Guru in the Himalayan foothills [Fire], trained with Taoist monks at the Wudang Mountain [Earth], and hitchhiked through Japan to Zen temples [Air]

“No, Prince Zuko. Power in firebending comes from the breath, not the muscle.” - Uncle Iroh.

We found a guru in India who taught us Fire in the breath.

Chapter 3: the White lotus Scrolls

“What you’re doing is literally my dream. I’ve always wanted to go on a journey like that.”

- White Lotus Scrolls supporter

Tomás is now building the White Lotus Scrolls to allow anyone, anywhere to master all four elements and bring balance to themselves

The white lotus

The White Lotus draws its name from the secret organization of masters by the same name.  In The Last Airbender show, The Order Of The White Lotus is tasked with finding, training and protecting each new Avatar.  Some even pass down their knowledge through hidden scrolls...



  • The White Lotus Scrolls is entirely fan-driven, makes no money and is not affiliated with Nickelodeon or Viacom

  • All “bending” was created by Sifu Kisu inspired by Chinese martial arts