The Lost Scrolls

Of The White Lotus

The Story

My name is Tomás.  Like millions of other kids, I was hooked on the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The groundbreaking series followed the story of a special character, The Avatar, who traveled to the Four Nations of his world in search of masters of the Four Elements.  He found a master of Water in the Inuit-inspired Water Nation, a master of Earth in the Imperial Chinese-inspired Earth Nation, and so on. Like millions of other kids, I wanted to be an Avatar.  


Unlike all the others, I did.


3 years ago, I got in front of the show’s creators, Bryan & Mike to pitch them the idea of taking their narrative out of the show and into this world.  With their support, I launched a crowdfunding campaign that received funding from fans in California to Colombia, Georgia to Greece. My backers helped crowdsource my itinerary and sent me and my younger sister, Gabriela, on a quest to become the first real-world Avatars, journeying to four nations in search of masters of the Four Elements.

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"The Lost scrolls" book

The stories of who we met, the places we traveled to and masters we trained under are chronicled in a book slated to be published late 2018.  Through my writing and my sister’s photography, we hope to share of our voyages on a sailboat through the Caribbean with a Tai Chi master, our wanderings with a Yoga guru in the Himalayan foothills, our grinding life with Taoist monks in the Wudang Mountain and our misadventures hitchhiking through Japan.

The next step

While traveling on our journey, time and time again we received messages from hundreds of fans aged 14-41 all saying the same thing; “What you’re doing is my dream.  I’ve always wanted to embark on my own Avatar journey to learn the Four Elements.”

I’m hard at work bringing you the White Lotus, a hybrid platform that will allow anyone to begin their Avatar Path.  By connecting anyone with masters of the Four Elements, the White Lotus will catalyze a global community seeking to bring balance to themselves and to the world. (Think, "Pokémon Go of inner exploration")

 The White Lotus gathered to connect with Earth as part of a monthly elements  experience series

The White Lotus gathered to connect with Earth as part of a monthly elements experience series

The white lotus

The White Lotus draws its name from the secret organization of masters by the same name.  In The Last Airbender show, The Order Of The White Lotus is tasked with finding, training and protecting each new Avatar.  Some even pass down their knowledge through hidden scrolls...