“ When I heard Tomás’ speech, I was very inspired by it. He followed a dream that most people wouldn’t have. It showed me that no matter how outrageous your dream may be, and no matter how people may look at you with your dream, you should follow it. Because without dreams, this world would be too bland and two-dimensional. “
— Solimar. High School Student

After completing a trip around the world,

tomás is sharing lessons learned


speaking summary


In today's increasingly competitive world with mounting levels of debt for recent college graduates, the perceived spectrum of possibility for youth is narrowing.  High school students are expected to proceed immediately to college and college students force their way into the workforce as quickly as possible, accepting any position no matter how unfulfilling.  In such a tight life timeline, where do students fit in their own dreams that they've all had?  Further, what resources are available to students wishing to pursue alternative paths?  Speaking from his own experience of graduating from Brown University and embarking with his sister on a self-designed, crowdfunded journey around the world to learn the four elements, Tomás encourages students to recognize the agency they have in directing the course of their own lives.  He outlines his own background as first generation person of color who was painfully shy as a child so that students with similar experiences can find a rare example they can relate to.  

Preferred format : Assembly-wide presentation or lecture.



We can all agree that one reason we were drawn to Avatar was its cultural richness, drawing individual threads from a myriad of cultures and spiritualities then weaving them together in the thick tapestry of the series’ world.  The Guru’s introduction to the chakras were as compelling as the air monks’ teachings on non-violence, translating Hinduism and Buddhism to contemporary audiences.  Exploring the various roots that Avatar draws from is exactly what Tomás and Gabriela did on their White Lotus trip around the world, learning Tai Chi, the basis of water bending, and wandering the ringed zones of Beijing, the basis for Ba Sing Se, among many other explorations.

Since returning, Tomás has developed a series of workshops that communicate the practices and teachings learned for each element.  So if you’ve ever wanted to learn fire bending, attend a workshop and learn various fire yoga techniques and meditations from north India.  Interested in earth bending?  Learn how the Taoists in China’s Wudang Mountain channel the earth chi through their bodies via Qi-Gong exercises.  These workshops are hands-on and intended to provide participants the basic tools to begin taking the first steps down their own Avatar paths.

Preferred format : Workshops for 25-30 max participants

If you are interested in hosting Tomás as a speaker, please send him an email with dates and information about your event at; tqriegos93@gmail.com