we’re here to connect you with a global, youth audience


how it works






q1 // what is avatar?

2 series, 7 season cartoon that introduced meditation to children

aired in ## countries

#1 network spot in ## Countries

#1 streaming show on amazon prime 11 years after it premiered


in short, it’s a big deal

Q2 // why this model?






In the digital age, simplicity is key

q3 // why use cartoon characters?

“communication is not what you say, it’s what the other person hears”

pop culture is the language of youth


speak their language to reach youth at scale

Reach (in millions of people)

q4 // why does scale matter?

young people are suffering

depression, anxiety, etc.

q5 // what can you do?

help us bring healing to the world

share the practices of your tradition through white lotus scrolls

email: tomas@koat.io

Training Module Example Includes:

  • 6 - 10-Minute Meditations

  • 1 - Overview / Introduction Guides of Your Tradition

  • 3 - Personal Activities (on their own time) (could also be reflection guides

  • 3 - Deep Dive / Further Learning Documents