We're Meeting Bryan Konietzko!!

And you’re invited! A few months ago the idea to travel the world to study the elements was a vague dream. With the support from all of you who have shared, liked, re-blogged and donated to our campaign, we have made huge strides toward our crazy dream. Now we’ll be meeting the creator of Avatar, Bryan Konietzko, and we couldn’t have made it this far without you so we’re inviting you to walk into that meeting with us!   

How do you and your friends “bend”?  If you and your friends want to tell Bryan Konietzko what element you are and and how you bend that element, send in your clips to whitelotusfellowship@gmail.com by THIS WEDNESDAY!! We’ll put your clips in a compilation video that we’ll show him.  Feel free to re-blog and share with the fandom!