My name is Tomás and my body is asleep in Brooklyn.  It has to be. 

It is Saturday morning and I groggily roll over in the warm sheets.   Clear sunlight pierces the open window and I reach out to pick up my phone.  New e-mail from Bryan Konietzko.  Heart skips a beat.

Eyes grow wide.  “Hi Tomás.  Sorry it took so long.  Here is the link to my post”

This is a dream.  It has to be.  I pinch my arm.  Still dreaming.

The tumblr post opens.  I stop breathing.  “Help the Lost Scrolls of the White Lotus reach its funding goal today!”

This is a dream.  It has to be.  I pinch my arm.  Still dreaming.

As I write this I keep waiting for my body in Brooklyn to wake up.  My phone vibrates to the beat of Impossibility as I receive notification after notification.  Each time I check the tumblr post is has several hundred more notes.  This is a dream.  It has to be.  This doesn’t happen.  This just doesn’t happen.

Maybe I’m not pinching hard enough.  Maybe I’ll wake up any second now.  Or maybe, just maybe, this dream has indeed become reality.  For this I have only you to thank.  To all who have donated, liked, shared or re-blogged our campaign, I am humbled beyond description and grateful beyond words.


Together, we just might be able to see this dream through to the end.  Together, we just might become The Order of the White Lotus.