the chaos of life

ever too much?


me, too

hi, i’m tomas

Long ago, i lived in harmony as a kid, hooked on avatar: the last airbender

then, everything changed when the global economy collapsed, taking my family down with it.

searching for stillness in the chaos, i started mimicking the meditations from the show

it helped

i wanted to learn more & i was crazy enough to try

i crowdfunded the first “real-world” avatar journey

and traveled with my sister to four nations to seek out masters of the four elements

we did the thing


the journey changed my life

i’m paying it forward

now, it’s your turn

i’m building the white lotus

to invite anyone, anywhere to begin their own avatar path

to master all four elements

and bring balance to their world

to get you started

i made you a free 10-day training [early BETA]

with your feedback we’ll be able to create much more


our vision


v1 [early beta]

vision // 10-day training bringing new avatars through guided meditations

status // live

design question // can pop culture make meditation accessible?

target users // 5k


v2 - [beta]

vision // skills tree filled with training modules from real-world masters (e.g. dalai lama, etc.)

status // in-development

design question // what type of content is most engaging? (video, audio, illustrated, etc.)

target users // 10k


Ramp Up

vision // secure brand license and fundraise to build full development team

status // pending


v3 - full alpha

vision // Pokémon Go for inner exploration

imagine // learning waterbending from katara in vr, entering an epic clash between the white and red lotus, mastering all four elements to save the world

target users // 40m


what are you waiting for?

you’re in good company


"This is a really cool and ambitious project. I’m excited to follow their adventures and see where it leads."

-Michael DiMartino, Avatar series co-creator

"Tomás contacted Nickelodeon about an … ambitious, immersive study trip ... to various locations that provided inspiration for the [Avatar] series. Mike and I were very impressed."

-Bryan Konietzko, Avatar series co-creator